UK Power Networks Service


April 1948

Seeboard (South Eastern Electricity Board), London Electricity Board and Eastern Electricity Board are formed as part of the nationalisation of the electricity industry by the Electricity Act 1947.


South Eastern Electricity Board is privatised as Seeboard plc
London Electricity Board is privatised as London Electricity plc
Eastern Electricity Board is privatised as Eastern Electricity plc.

March 1993

Raglan Contract with Heathrow, Gatwick and Stansted Airports signed, taking on the operation and maintenance of the busiest airports in the UK for 90 years.


EDF Energy is formed following the mergers and acquisitions of companies including Seeboard, London Electricity and SWEB Energy (South Western Electricity Board) and Eastern Electricity plc.

December 2002

50 year contract with High Speed 1 begins. UK Power Networks Services is commissioned to design, construct, finance, operate and maintain the critical electrical infrastructure of the UK’s first major new railway project for over a century.

April 2006

35 year contract with Aspire Defence begins. The Allenby/Connaught project is the MOD’s largest infrastructure Private Finance Initiative and aims to make the lives of British soldiers better by rebuilding and refurbishing living and working accommodation for nearly 19,000 soldiers.

April 2009

The Terminal 2 project at Heathrow Airport begins. UK Power Networks Services successfully deliver a complete design solution and increase the capability, range and resilience of the electrical infrastructure.

November 2010

EDF Board approves the sale of its UK electricity distribution networks to Cheung Kong Group. EDF Energy Networks becomes UK Power Networks, with UK Power Networks Services operating the non-regulated side of the group.

February 2013

Kent Power Supply Enhancements Phase 1 begins. Phase 1 enhances the infrastructure to cope with a limited number of 12-car Class 465 units on the lines between London and Gravesend, London and Hayes and London and Sevenoaks.

March 2014

Commence design and build of electrical assets for Great Western Mainline Electrification Programme in 50/50 Consortium with ABB.