UK Power Networks Service

Coaching for first class Health and Safety

UK Power Networks Services uses a fully integrated approach to improving Health and Safety by applying proven strategies and innovations from the Safety Management System (SMS).

Our environment of continuous, measurable safety enhancements, together with a collaborative approach between all stakeholders and clients, helps us deliver a step-change in safety performance.

Through our ‘Stay Safe’ programme we have developed a proactive, rather than reactive, approach to safety. We believe that the safest way forward is to change the mind-set of our teams through the coaching of correct behaviours, beliefs and attitudes. In essence, we’re ensuring that safety is not a conscious choice, but part of our DNA, conditioning the mind to always think ‘Stay Safe’.

Key Statistics

There were 278 consecutive days in 2014-15 where zero employees and contractors had an incident resulting in time off work due to an injury.
Lost-time Incidents have declined by more than 50% in a year
Accident frequency rates have declined by over 70% over the last 5 years.
Hazard and near-miss reporting has increased in excess of 19% in the last year.