UK Power Networks Service

Asset Management

Our acknowledged position as one of the leading asset stewardship organisations in the global market means we can ensure that the UK's power networks continue to be the envy of the world.

We employ non-invasive asset monitoring techniques and trend modelling. From our experience in intelligent asset management, we also have the benefit of virtual value chains. This enables us to accurately predict asset failure rates and arrange replacements with adequate margins for critical assets. It also helps us to extend the active life of lower duty assets, leading to lower costs and fewer constraints on the operational life of key infrastructure.

We have also managed risks associated with the condition of assets that cannot easily be examined, such as underground cables and large transformers. Our knowledge of cable and plant performance, coupled with innovative technologies for performance monitoring, allows us to accept output-based agreements on performance.

Taking a long-term view of all our infrastructure projects is at the heart of our ‘Asset Management’ strategy.