UK Power Networks Service


UK Power Networks Services undertakes a wide range of engineering activities on private Distribution Networks and Railway Networks (both London Underground and Network Rail).

Private Distribution Networks

As a National Electricity Registration Scheme (NERS) accredited organisation, we’re able to undertake Independent Connection Providers (ICP) related activities for developers and clients wishing to further develop their network. In addition to works on the electrical network, we also offer a multi-utility engineering service through which we provide gas, water and telecoms.

Engineering services in this sector include:

  • Determination of anticipated load levels to optimise designs
  • Design of primary and secondary substations (both electrification and civil design)
  • Specification of key equipment
  • Development of projection settings

Railway Networks

UK Power Networks Services has undertaken engineering services for Network Rail, London Underground and Croydon Tramlink

Network Rail

  • Projects: Great Western Electrification Project, Thameslink, Kent Power Supply Enhancements
  • Design of substations
  • Determination of the projection settings

London Underground

  • Projects: Sub-Surface Railway, Package 3
  • Design of substations
We have extensive engineering experience on private network works through major projects such as airports and High Speed 1, as well as many smaller enhancement and renewals activities for numerous clients.