UK Power Networks Service


Ownership and Investment

UK Power Networks Services is owned by the Cheung Kong Group and, using the financial strength of the group, we own or invest in electrical networks across the UK. From public distribution networks worth more than £3 billion at one end of the scale, to science park networks worth £5 million at the other, all the networks in our portfolio are run efficiently and effectively using our industry-leading engineering and asset management expertise. Our breadth of knowledge covers rail, underground, airport, commercial buildings and Ministry of Defence (MOD) networks.

Asset Management

Many blue-chip clients rely on us for stewardship of their electrical networks assets, providing long term cost certainty and security in contracts lasting up to ninety years. Our contracts are tailored to take asset risk away from the client and place it in the hands of an organisation best equipped to mitigate and optimise asset performance and lifetime.

This allows your business to enjoy the long term benefits of industry-leading asset management and engineering services. This enables you to focus on your core business, rely on certainty of cost and asset performance, and plan for the future.

Asset Management Services

We will survey your assets and provide

  • Critical asset assessments
  • Energy efficiency surveys
  • Asset lifetime expectations

We will tailor a contract for you that might include

  • Transfer of asset performance risk by contract KPIs
  • Network capacity planning
  • Building Information Modelling (BIM whole-life asset costing for replacement assets)
  • Condition-based maintenance to optimise asset life
  • Simple or complex funding solutions to suit your business