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We provide energy solutions which optimise existing assets. We integrate new technologies to deliver improved performance and commercial benefits.

About us overview
UK Power Networks Services to help deliver Greater Manchester’s greener future

19 September 2019: We are delivering projects to renew and upgrade Manchester Metrolink’s electrical infrastructure.

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Our clients include some of the highest profile public and private sector organisations with critical infrastructure in complex environments.

Our industries
Manchester Airport

We relocated a substation from the middle of the aircraft taxiway to enable the airport’s expansion programme. The substation powers associated airfield ground lighting and airport communications.

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We deliver safe, reliable and innovative bespoke energy solutions enabling our clients to concentrate on their core business.

Our solutions
How can I achieve my sustainability ambitions?

The UK has committed to significantly reduce its greenhouse gas emissions. It has set an ambitious legal target to achieve carbon neutrality by 2050.

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Employing world-class engineers and professionals, we pride ourselves on the expertise of our people to deliver for our clients

The power of diversity and inclusion

Embracing diversity and inclusion as a strategic imperative is critical for any organisation that strives for high performance.

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How can I develop my energy infrastructure strategy?

Energy in a corporate or industrial setting is increasingly complex. Costs continue to rise, and companies must maintain resilience at the same time as cutting carbon emissions in order to meet sustainability targets. Balancing these demands requires a new approach to industrial energy systems.

How we can help

We can help you navigate the future energy landscape. Working as your long-term strategic energy infrastructure partner, we provide end-to-end solutions to decarbonise your business, reduce energy bills and improve the resilience of your energy network.

As experts in distributed energy solutions and power distribution, we are specialists in integrating decentralised and renewable energy resources and new, emerging technologies. Our solutions can include a wide range of technologies and software that will help your business optimise its energy infrastructure.

Existing energy systems have typically developed over time to suit changing requirements, so they tend to be complex. Our expertise provides you with a holistic approach to addressing your energy system as a whole and we design solutions that can solve multiple issues.

We have a strong track record of undertaking major national projects that require expert project management, asset management and national operations and maintenance. We have expertise in delivering energy strategies to organisations of various sizes, from clients with just one building to those with multiple sites in different geographical locations. Our solutions are bespoke, modular and can be implemented regardless of the project scale.

We will leverage the latest innovative technologies and integrate these into business-as-usual. Combine these technologies with commercial innovations will help to maximise commercial returns for you. 

What this means for you

With the availability of increasingly cost competitive renewable energy resources and smart solutions, companies can take advantage of the flexibility and control over their energy supply as they reduce their dependence on large centralised power plants. As a result, you can:

  • Mitigate against fluctuating energy prices
  • Reduce energy bills
  • Increase energy resilience
  • Potentially leverage your assets to generate commercial returns
  • Reduce infrastructure upgrade costs
  • Focus on your core business

We present information and analysis clearly and concisely, so you can reconcile your data and make informed decisions on which projects and initiatives to progress with; the optimised implementation plan provides a schedule for you to follow. We provide you with clear direction on how to implement low carbon technology projects and initiatives with confidence.

Related case studies

High Speed 1

We were commissioned to design, construct, operate and maintain the electrical infrastructure of HS1, the UK’s first major railway constructed in over a century and its first high-speed railway. The project was delivered on time and on budget, within a contract that extends for 50 years after the start of railway operation.

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London City Airport

We finance, own, operate and maintain London City Airport's existing electricity network. Through optimum asset management, maintenance and replacement, we ensure that the airport maintains supply resilience to support its daily operations and help it achieve its sustainability ambitions.

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UPS Smart Electric Urban Logistics project

We implemented new smart electric vehicle charging systems to power UPS’s central London delivery fleet for what is believed to be the first of its kind in the world on this scale.

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Experts at hand

Employing world-class engineers and professionals, we pride ourselves on the expertise of our people to deliver for our clients.

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