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We provide energy solutions which optimise existing assets. We integrate new technologies to deliver improved performance and commercial benefits.

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UK Power Networks Services’ response to COVID-19

As the COVID-19 crisis continues and restrictions remain across the UK in response to the rise in COVID-19 case numbers, the safety and wellbeing of our employees, the public and our clients remains our top priority.

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Our clients include some of the highest profile public and private sector organisations with critical infrastructure in complex environments.

Our industries
How far will electricity take us?

Seismic changes are taking place in the energy supply industry. Some are obvious, like the EV charging points that are popping up around cities and some perhaps that are less so. More and more, UK Power Networks Services has been working with transportation clients to help them take advantage of new technologies and the energy transition, in particular, the decentralisation of energy networks. Head of Markets, Philip Heathcote examines the fundamental changes in the energy supply industry and the impact they are having upon transport.

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We deliver safe, reliable and innovative bespoke energy solutions enabling our clients to concentrate on their core business.

Our solutions
How can I connect to the electricity network?

As an Independent Connection Provider (ICP), we understand that your new electricity connection needs to be delivered in a safe, reliable and cost effective way.

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Employing world-class engineers and professionals, we pride ourselves on the expertise of our people to deliver for our clients

National Apprenticeship Week 2021: Meet power apprentice Josh Pavey

9 February 2021: To celebrate National Apprenticeship Week, power apprentice Josh Pavey, 20, from Basingstoke, describes his role with UK Power Networks Services, learning the skills that keep power supplies flowing to essential electricity infrastructure.

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How can I reduce my energy costs?

Budgets for many businesses have become increasingly tight in recent years. Energy bills are set to continue to rise, with additional pressure coming from renewable energy levies and the scarcity of fossil fuels. Old or poorly maintained electrical infrastructure can lead to higher energy costs, and replacement costs are high.

It is expensive to meet the requirements for greater sustainability from both legislation and public opinion, as is installing renewable energy generation and energy efficiency measures. All these elements mean that companies are looking for ways to reduce their overheads when it comes to energy infrastructure.

How we can help

We work with your business to understand your current energy situation, then analyse the business case for various cost saving initiatives and recommend solutions for the future. These recommendations are designed to generate cost savings now and protect your business from increasing energy costs in the future.

The technologies we typically recommend are:

  • Solar PV systems
  • Energy efficiency measures such as LED lighting
  • Combined Heat and Power units
  • Smart EV charging solutions
  • Air Source Heat Pumps

We have an in-house design and build team and project managers who will manage the implementation of cost saving initiatives on your behalf, leaving you free to concentrate on running your business. We also offer financing for energy infrastructure and innovations, giving you certainty of cost and asset performance, so you can plan for the future.

Inefficiencies in electrical networks can cost you money in terms of both energy and equipment replacement. Our asset management team will manage your electrical assets through a series of systematic and coordinated activities and practices. We will analyse and manage your network to deliver an optimised asset management plan. This will include asset inspections and maintenance programmes along with asset replacement programmes, based on the age and condition of your assets. This helps you make the right investment decisions at the right time, optimise replacement costs, and reduce energy costs.

What this means for you

  • Reduce energy costs and business overheads
  • Less uncertainty around the future costs of energy, enabling informed business decisions
  • Reduce cost of operating and maintaining electrical infrastructure, including replacement and upgrade costs
  • Optimise capital investment
  • Keep up to date with latest trends in energy efficiency and renewable energy
  • Improve corporate brand by reducing carbon through energy efficiency measures
  • Meet sustainability targets while reducing costs

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UPS Smart Electric Urban Logistics project

We implemented new smart electric vehicle charging systems to power UPS’s central London delivery fleet for what is believed to be the first of its kind in the world on this scale.

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London City Airport

We finance, own, operate and maintain London City Airport's existing electricity network. Through optimum asset management, maintenance and replacement, we ensure that the airport maintains supply resilience to support its daily operations and help it achieve its sustainability ambitions.

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High Speed 1

We were commissioned to design, construct, operate and maintain the electrical infrastructure of HS1, the UK’s first major railway constructed in over a century and its first high-speed railway. The project was delivered on time and on budget, within a contract that extends for 50 years after the start of railway operation.

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Employing world-class engineers and professionals, we pride ourselves on the expertise of our people to deliver for our clients.

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