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Power crew’s flying visit lifts museum
Power crew’s flying visit lifts museum

14 June 2022: Fifty staff from UK Power Networks Services donated their time to a speedy makeover of the memorial garden, outdoor seating areas, visitor pathway and service courtyard of the Army Flying Museum in Hampshire.

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Enabling Port of Felixstowe to take major step  towards Net Zero
Enabling Port of Felixstowe to take major step towards Net Zero

6 June 2022: UK Power Networks Services has won a contract to take the UK’s largest container port, and one of the largest in Europe, a step closer to Net Zero.

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Our clients include some of the highest profile public and private sector organisations with critical infrastructure in complex environments.

Our industries
UK Power Networks Services wins £40 million Piccadilly line power upgrade
UK Power Networks Services wins £40 million Piccadilly line power upgrade

21 July 2022: UK Power Networks Services will complete electrical infrastructure upgrades to allow a new fleet of trains to operate on the Piccadilly line and improve reliability and service frequency.

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ICP network connections

We’re a Independent Connections Provider with extensive high voltage engineering experience, delivering high-quality connections across the UK.

ICP Network Connections
Delivering a resilient and sustainable electricity supply for the UK’s data centres
Delivering a resilient and sustainable electricity supply for the UK’s data centres

Antony White, Client Delivery Manager ICP, discusses the challenges that data centres face meeting capacity requirements, ensuring a resilient energy supply and balancing sustainability pressures.

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How can I ensure network resilience?

Businesses depend on power to run their operations. When power is lost or the quality of supply is reduced, even for a short time, unexpected downtime can cost your business dearly, affecting business continuity and damaging your reputation.

Unexpected power outages and poor power quality can be caused many factors including bad weather, equipment failure, short circuits, accidents, mishandling by people or even trespassing animals.

Most businesses today can’t function without working IT systems, equipment, lights and ventilation. They also rely heavily on data access and security, so being disconnected from computers and servers can paralyse a business. Unforeseen outages in time-critical, high impact industries such as aviation, healthcare and defence can even result in life threatening consequences which may be difficult to recover from.

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How we can help

We can build microgrids and private electricity networks, which are possible solutions to these challenges; we can integrate energy storage systems, uninterruptible power supplies and renewable energy to further increase resilience. Our energy efficiency measures and active network management can further reduce a company’s reliance on external electricity networks. 

If continuous operation is of critical importance for a client, we can provide an Uninterruptable Power Supply (UPS) in combination with a backup supply such as energy storage or back-up generator. The UPS will provide instantaneous power in the event of a power cut ensuring no interruption to supply, providing essential power in the short-term until longer-term power can be sourced.

The prospects of installing and operating an onsite energy plant can seem daunting, especially if energy is not your core expertise and you have other priorities on which to focus your time, attention and resources. We are experts in distributed energy solutions and power distribution, providing an end-to-end service focused on your needs.

Our in-house dedicated team of experienced consultants can develop feasibility studies and technical, economic and regulatory feasibility business cases to determine the most suitable solution.

As a client-led business, with a technology-agnostic approach to solutions, we are able to provide a solution to your energy requirements that aligns with your energy strategy and strategic operational objectives. We can also help with the financing required to deliver the projects successfully.

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What this means for you

  • Mitigate the potential risks and damages associated with energy downtime
  • Ensure business continuity and minimise the effect of disruptions on your organisation
  • Safeguard business reputation and integrity of business
  • Enable the recovery of critical systems within an agreed timeframe
  • Increase reliability and quality of energy
  • Focus on your core business

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Kent Power Supply Enhancement

We upgraded the electricity infrastructure on the north and mid-Kent lines to meet the Train Operating Company’s aspiration to run 12-car trains, increasing capacity by 20%.

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Great Western Electrification Project

The Great West Electrification Project (GWEP) is a Network Rail initiative, which introduced electrification infrastructure and modern electric trains to the Great Western Mainline route.

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UKPNS Heathrow West Intake Substation 2
Heathrow - West Intake Substation

We designed, procured and installed 33/11kV transformers and 33kV feeder cables to replace the existing assets which had reached the end of their operational life.

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